Enterprise Resource Planning


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business management software that ensures for better business management in an organization. It helps to streamline and monitor all the happening and activities held in and around enterprises. It also helps to automate business procedures seamlessly putting together streamlined management of information across the various levels of an organization or enterprise including sales & marketing, finance & accounting, manufacturing, human resource, etc.

ERP ensure for better business organization in an affiliation. Streamline your business and screen each one of the happenings and activities held in and around endeavors with practical ERP courses of action.

Benefits of ERP Solutions

ERP solutions can be beneficial for small, medium and large business enterprises. The size of enterprise does not matter all. If you are willing to know about the benefits of enterprise resource planning solution then there are several benefits which you can get. Let’s have a look at some of benefits of ERP software solution.

  1. It ensures for efficient and smooth administration for workflow processes.
  2. It helps to gain better business visibility and transparency.
  3. It standardizes the system, increases operational efficiency and improves customer relationship.
  4. It allows business owners to get detailed information about sales & purchases, production, services, materials etc and manage customers efficiently.
  5. It eliminates errors, cut costs and helps in increase better return on investment (ROI)
  6. It reduces cost of production; and streamlines production & planning

Functional areas and different modules of ERP system

Financial accounting, management accounting, human resources, manufacturing & production, order processing, project management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, data services, etc are some common functional areas of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. There are several ERP modules depending on its functional areas. Let’s have a look at some popular and most preferred ERP modules.

  1. Sales, Marketing and Distribution Management
  2. Purchase, Vendor & Supplier Management
  3. Inventory, Store & Material Management
  4. Human Resource & Payroll Management
  5. Production Planning Management
  6. System Administration Management
  7. Finance & Accounts Management
  8. Total Quality / Quality Control Management
  9. Supply Chain Management
  10. Customer Relationship Management
  11. Custom–integration solutions

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